About Me

"About Me" are the two words that remind anybody the "I". They also represents "AM" (Ante Meridiem).  I am .......

  • Teacher - Always tries to deliver more contents efficiently in Engineering College located in Educational hub of Gujarat state  known as Vallabh Vidyanagar.
  • Employee  - Always tries to adapt the work assigned by the seniors. Getting full support from the employer known as Charutar Vidya Mandal.
  • Project Guide  - Some times find shorter and simple ways to execute the bigger and complicated tasks.
  • Student - Who joins hands and tries to develop new methods of teaching & learning process.

Find Me @

26, Gokul Park, Opp: APC, Near Dharanagri, Vallabh Vidyanagar

(O) +91 2692 231651 Ext.:309         (M) +91 98254 28622

nildes76@gmail.com            or        nileshdesai@gcet.ac.in

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